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Indonesian Mart (Inamarkt)

Starting from our concern on the farmers, ranchers and fishermen living in Indonesia whose average lives are still below average, we began to think to creates a platform that could help them pay fair prices and increases their standard of living.

An idea was created a platform called the Indonesian Mart or Through this platform we expect the prices received by the farmers to be better and the quality of products received by consumers getting better with a fair price. run by TIS Network. The group manages its services with the objective of enhancing the performance and investment quality in Indonesia. We are actively seeking to partner with client who sees the benefit and advantage of doing excellent businesses.

A brief History

Founded in 2017, TIS Network provides global strategic communication and advisory services operating in Indonesia. Our services range from media, research, public relations, and corporate event. Under its management, we own The Insider Stories (TIS), TIS Event and TIS Communications.

We are the bridge that connects investors, business community and policymakers. We are active across digital and events.

Our Objective

Help the farmers and creating a new job for the society .

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Encouraging economic equality in Indonesia, increase people’s income and welfare, and encouraging national economic improvement.


Creating new jobs among the people, encouraging the creation of new economic growth throughout Indonesia and create new jobs and new entrepreneurs

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