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Terms & Reference

Welcome to Inamarkt

Thank you for accessing our services. Please read our terms and conditions carefully before you make a transaction with us.

Customer or Reseller Responsibilities:

  1. To become our customer or reseller you must provide your data like user ID, cellular phone number, email, and complete delivery address.
  2. Ensure your contact and your account is always available and is real data and please notify us if there are any changes.
  3. Not violating any applicable law.
  4. Customer or Reseller are obliged to pay in full transactions carried out in accordance with the terms of transactions and payments.

Provision of Purchase and Amendment:

  1. For one or more delivery dates can be made in one transaction.
  2. Regular customer must pay all the purchases before we deliver your products.
  3. Orders from outside Jakarta will be subject to a delivery fee and must pay down payment 50% of total purchases and pay it off when the delivery arrived.
  4. The maximum order is as much as the stock is available for each product.
  5. The payment method that has been selected and approved cannot be changed.
  6. Orders cannot be changed if the user has made a payment.
  7. Order cancellation cannot be done if the user has made a payment.
  8. Users will get orders on the selected date at a maximum of 15.00 WIB on that day and the delivery dates will informed after the customer or reseller order the products.

Shipping Terms:

  1. Orders will be sent to the address stated during the order process.
  2. Orders will be shipped on the delivery date agreed upon at the time of order.
  3. If there is a delay in delivery, you will be notified/contacted further.
  4. We will contact you before delivering the order to the destination address.

Daily Transaction

We also serve a daily transaction orders can be through our platform. The transaction is declared successful if you have made a payment via available payment methods and the payment has been confirmed.

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